Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Surgery

The Pros Of Cosmetic Surgery

It seems that many people seek to change their appearance in various ways, whether changing wrinkles on their face, a nose that is a bit too large, or eyes that sag. Yet, some people have been seriously injured and disfigured due to car accidents or other trauma, and for these individuals, cosmetic surgery can be a highly welcomed treatment option. With the technology available in this field today, there are many ways of improving problems such as scarring and even reconstructing parts of the body and face. Those who are born with defects of various kinds can also find help in the expertise of cosmetic surgery professionals. Often, changing one’s appearance in this way provides a person with more confidence and a boost of self-esteem as well. For example, someone who is born with a cleft palate can possibly begin to enjoy the benefits of life without this cumbersome issue.

The Cons Of Cosmetic Surgery

While there are many good and valuable aspects of cosmetic surgery, there is also a downside to seeking out this form of treatment. Often, young women seek this form of treatment purely for vain reasons, not considering the medical risks involved. With any type of surgery, there are risks, no matter how minimal they may be. A surgeon is not divine and often makes mistakes because of his/her humanness. The outcome of a facelift or a nose job may be worse than the former, and then one has the pain and embarrassment to deal with of a botch attempt. Also, the cost of this type of surgery is generally not covered by insurance companies, and the expense is typically very high. Going into debt for purely temporal reasons is not a wise choice to make for one’s future. Overall, one must weigh for themselves what is truly an important endeavor in their lives and decide if cosmetic surgery is of the utmost importance.

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